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 Posted: May 11th, 2007 06:43 PM
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Hi All,

For those who don't know, my mam passed on the 31st of March this year and my Dad passed two weeks later.  I am aware that it takes alot longer for good communication to be made, but i am recording for EVP already at the house. 

  My recording condition are very good, very quiet!  and if i hear a car or some external noise outside etc I will note by speaking (car outside etc)  so that everything is noted on playback not for external noise to be thought of a potential EVP..


Ok, My first session I am talking aloud reflecting on my thoughts, I say, 'This house' (then theres a pause) this is where I hear a Little whisper say 'Yes' or 'yea' which I can't explain...   then I go on to finish my sentence by saying is like echoes from the past (or words to that effect)  then there is another pause, then I can hear a click and pop, which i can't explain... 

  Like I say, everything is noted for background noise on time of recording, this is why i always do this to rule out explanations...

take a listen and see if or what you can hear, if anything??


EVP was a strange one, I set the recorder down in position then pressed record.  (I alway let it run for 30 second before speaking)  anyway on playback, there are two intermediate  sharp hisses, that wasn't there on recording the session and I also make sure my hands do not brush over the recorder or rushed movements to cause such hisses on playback.. this is why I am very carefull on my sessions..

Anyway take care and please any suggestions what you feel they could be please feel free to post, I will be performing regular session, Lance.

take a listen...

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