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 Posted: May 6th, 2012 05:46 PM
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pol wrote: Keith, I don't mind removing the lotto link, however I generally have a problem with being asked to remove links ~ for I thought 'cross-referencing' was part of what the Net is about ... further, I think it should be a trade off - in that I haven't been asked to remove ITC Bridge links from any other site.

(Incidentally Oz lotto isn't widely available internationally)

Hi Pol,

I noticed the link is still active.

As Keith mentioned;  Your posting the link is not a problem given the context of your post.

Just about all websites track IP addresses and for all anybody knows,  the lotto's site owner might think traffic coming from this site is not a welcome thing.

You don't have to remove it completely.  You could merely disable the link by changing  .com to dotcom  as in the example below:


Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to resolve this matter.