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 Posted: May 4th, 2012 05:59 AM
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Yeah!! Never ceases to amaze...

5:56 pm, 05/02/2012: "Sitting" in my friend's very active home...4 of us, including a Spirit Medium. The (land-line) phone rings and our host allows it to go to answering machine. We break for the evening, she checks ID- doesn't recognize the number!

The following is the message, complete with day and date announcement- You'll hear Spirit say, "Ghost Box?" (as if to sarcastically suggest he can speak over ANY electronic device AT WILL).

He says, "Don't stop" (continue sitting?) and something about "walking" culminating in the sound of footsteps.

Come to find out, the phone belongs to a Sprint field engineer- In order to do this I guess it requires Spirit to reverse the calling process(??)

-The more I investigate the more I find out how little I know :blink:

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