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 Posted: Apr 9th, 2012 07:11 AM
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I had an opportunity to record my grandson via a baby monitor, while he was talking and singing with someone in spirit in the early moring hours, while in his bedroom at my home. I know some may say the baby monitor can pick up stray signals, but what was said was quite specific to the situation at the time. Let me back track here a little, and give you some back ground on this.

My grandson is a high functioning autistic child. Extremely verbal now. As a toddler he had a hard time expressing himself. For instance when he wanted a banana, he would ask for a "yellow". As time went on he was able to use correct terms for items and was able to be involved in a give and take conversation. He spent every weekend with us from age 1 month until he was 10 years old. We employed a baby monitor as his bedromm was a floor up from our bedroom. There were several times over the years that I had to go to his room at night and ask that the spirit's there please be quiet, and I asked them to please not frighten him in any way. Most time they would comply, but not always.

Around age 2-3, is when we noticed what seemed to be a one sided conversation going on, especially in the early morning hours. Another strange thing my grandson did was he refused to get out of his bed. Not even to go to the bathroom! Never ever did we tell him that he had to stay in bed, let alone stay in the bedroom when he woke up. We encouraged him to come out and come to our room when he woke up. We couldn't figure out for the life of us why he developed this habit. The only way he would get up would be if one of us went to his room and knocked on the door and told him he could get out of bed!! All around him he had his toys, his TV, books etc. Unless they were already in the bed with him, he did not attempt to get out of bed to play with them. We thought maybe this was a peculiarity of autism. That changed the day I decided to record him over the baby monitor.

As usual, he was talking away to someone, singing certain songs. In this recording, I was hearing a female voice singing along with him! It was a Patsy Cline song, "Crazy". It had an echoey quality to it. My grandson's voice was clear, but the lady's voice was whsipery while singing, with an echo to it! My grandson went as far to ask the lady if she could get his Blues Clues book, to which she replied, "No, Meema will be here soon". Meema is the name my grandson calls me. He proceeded to talk about how he was hungry and going to have 'panny-cakes' for breakfast. But never once did he ask to get out of bed. Some of what the female said was hard to understand, but it definitely was THERE!. My grandson would burst out laughing out of the clear blue at times, a really belly laugh. Prior to recording, my husband and I would wonder what in the heck he was laughing at!!

To back track, while I recorded that day, you can hear me come up the stairs to go and tell him he could get up, and you can hear what sounded like a female/child say "here she is". My grandson still stayed in his bed until I knocked and said it was time to get up.

Also, I have to tell this part of his interactions. When he was put to bed, my son would go up and lay down with him, rub his head, and tell him a story. One night after my grandson was asleep, my son came down looking very confused. He proceeded to tell me that as he was laying down with my grandson and when my grandson let out that last breath before going into deep sleep, the room was light up with a bright flash. My son likened it while having your eyes shut and someone taking a picture with a camera using flash. This light did not come from a passing car, nor was there a storm going on, nothing like that at all. We just kind of figured there had to be some sort of explanation, and didn't think much about it. it wasn't until this happened a total of 4 times, always coming as that last breath came before deep sleep. My son tried to keep his eyes open and try and catch it it happening, but it wouldn't. It only happened while they both had their eyes shut. To this day we have no explanation how this occured or even why or from what.

Now I need to try and dig thru my files and see if I have "the Baby Monitor Recordings" I did.

I think children's brains are deveolping at such a rapid rate, that all these new senses coming thru are perfetly acceptable and not frightening to them, they take it in stride. It is us that it confuses I think, more than the children!

Sorry for the lengthy post!