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 Posted: Mar 29th, 2012 07:28 PM
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IanLama wrote: Não foi nas últimas
20 horas. 
Eu gravei dia 22 de Fevereiro. 
Por que pergunta Keith? Fazendo algum teste com o Stream?
Você ouviu "NEZINHA"? Era assim que meu pai me apelidava. 
Um abraço.

Hello All,

Iane's message is:

It was not the last 20 hours.  I recorded it on 22 February.

Why do you ask Keith? Doing some testing with the Stream?

You've heard "NEZINHA"? That was how my father nicknamed me.

A hug.

Hi Iane,

Yes....Keith is testing a diode input instead of radio.

Stream audio is very close to voice at 500Hz.

For those of you who may be scratching your heads......wondering what Iane means about The Voice....

My own research has found that there is a "voice" at 487 ~ 500Hz in all EVP recordings regardless of where on the planet the recording was made.

I have listened to EVP's that were recorded in the Netherlands - Germany - Russia - Japan - Australia - Mexico - Canada - and everywhere else I could find and the same  "voice"  exists.....albeit not as strong as in the northern hemisphere.

If you listen to Keith's Stream test of the diode input with a 10 band EQ and attenuate (lower) all band sliders....and then raise the 500Hz slider will hear the voice I speak of.