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 Posted: Mar 27th, 2012 10:30 AM
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Unfortunately,  Dr. Gopnik’s research have shown that as children get older and becomes self-aware, their brain activity slows down and this implied connection to the soul / spirit begins to weaken.  
While Dr. Gopnik's comments should in no way be construed as an existence, belief,  or endorsement of "spirit" or "the other side";  her research brings up some interesting observations.
If we were extrapolate this information and consider a child’s brain activity in a heightened state of awareness,  it would come as no surprise to opine that young children can be in tune and in touch with spirit.

Dr. Gopnik has written several books on her studies as well as academic papers.  If you have further interest in her work you can visit her website at:
You can also view several videos on youtube by doing a search for Alison Gopnik