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 Posted: Mar 27th, 2012 10:28 AM
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Her research has proved that neurons in children’s brains display more activity than in adults.  One analogy of this would be that while an adult brain is more like a spotlight,  a child’s is more like a lantern…illuminating in all directions.
To put this in better perspective,  imagine you are out of your element;  standing in Times Square on New Years Eve or perhaps in downtown Tokyo.  The lights – sounds – the newness and sheer magnitude of stimuli creates a wide ranging awareness of your surroundings.  Dr. Gopnik believes this sensation is a full time experience in babies and young children.
Her studies have shown that adult brains “light up” only when we are learning something new…and only in certain parts of the brain; whereas babies brains are lit up most of the time. 
Audio Source: History Channel documentary: Science of the Soul

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