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 Posted: Mar 26th, 2012 09:48 PM
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Howdy Folks,

Due to the change in seasons,  our weather seems to go from one extreme to another.

In a recent evp visit, my wife was commenting on the warm spell saying it was very pleasant.

What was recorded was not a response to her comment but rather a curious exchange between 2 ~ 3 voices.

The response section starts with one voice saying:   You're F-ing with me

Then it seems like a 2nd asks the same question twice with added emphasis the second time.   I hear:  Who's your (garbled)

This is followed by a third distinct voice that seems to respond by saying:  I was 

Interesting "past tense" confirmation isn't it?

Here is the Un-Filtered version.

Attachment: UnFiltered-Fing.wav (Downloaded 291 times)