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 Posted: Mar 21st, 2012 09:50 AM
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hank wrote: I wonder if anyone has ever attempted to use the water reflection method "out in the field" . It might be interesting to set up a water reflection session at a locale that is known for spirit activity--maybe in an abandoned house or something similar. As a light source, a researcher might be able to get by using portable battery operated lights, or candles, or maybe both.

Hello Hank,

I have done water ITC outdoors before during the day.  I used the sun as a light source. 

Precautions to be noted are: 

Take control picture(s) before you start so you will have an idea of what the water / bowl look like without activity.

The water acts like a camera obscura lens in the sense that I noticed neighboring houses and trees along the edge of the bowl.  They were upside down which can be a tad confusing when you are reviewing the pics.

Also, I found that I had to stand further away when taking the pictures for the same reason.

I have also done this at night.  For a light source I have tried:


Pocket Black Light

Short Wave Ultraviolet light

Germicidal Ultraviolet light

The red light from an optical mouse

While I did get images,  no one light source was better than the others.

Hope this helps,