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 Posted: Mar 7th, 2012 06:39 PM
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Hello All,

               I am sure that you all have experienced at one time a telepathic moment, such as the telephone that will ring, or that event that will happen.

 On the next level we have all  for the most part experienced an EVP jumping into our recorders the moment that we switched them on, or having " them" answering a question before we even asked it, or maybe catching them commenting on "us" as if they thought that we were observing them when in fact we had not a clue that they were watching us.

I feel that if we have the intent to make contact and we are sincere in our attempts it will indeed happen. The standard method of us making contact has been to verbally ask or question and expect a response that will be captured on our choice of recorder. For the most part we do receive responses following this protocol.

 I have begun to try recording for EVP's with little or no voice contact from my part. By placing recorders within strategic locations of quiet locations such as museums that are not mainstream, abandoned factories or just a home that I feel might just yield rewards and asking an initial question verbally to break the ice so to speak and then rely on my thoughts to be used as questions. My observation has been that for the most part they can and do "read" us quite well and  they will speak among themselves and be recorded upon our devices.

Telepathy, is just an alternate method  that we can add to our tools in making contact. Your comments are most welcomed.

Best Regards,


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