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 Posted: Mar 4th, 2012 08:09 PM
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We all have our personal stories that have the same common ingredient, the very young who are just entered this life and the ones that close to the exiting point all talking to "themselves". I feel it has to be the fact that at both of these points of life our minds are functioning in the state that it was intended function. Uncluttered seems to cover it.

I have seen my  96 year old Mother in law who is totally blind " look" at the ceiling from her bed while she was pointing to various areas above her and say "they were coming to get her". I mentioned the names of her family members that already passed and asked if they were present, she would acknowledge and point to "them".

My Grandson when four or five would play in my home which has a spirit or two ( two from the previous owners family, 1960 era ) and he would talk,laugh and gesture to "some thing". I use to observe him from a distance and there is no doubt he was conversing with someone. If you walked into the room he at first was quite unaware of your presence, but would almost jump back into the "here". He eventually out grew this and has never mentioned his friend.

There must be something to this after all.  :wink:. The catching movent or shadow out of your side vision never ceses to amaze me, but best of all is when you see something straight on.  In my present home there is a boy spirit that drowned at nine years of age in a nearby pond, he was a twin. When I first bought the property in the early eighties I was remodeling and I am sure that I was making a ruckus that disturbed by "guests" When I would ascend the staircase to the second floor, at the top I would often see a four foot tall shadow in a boyish shape drift quickley between to bedrooms, now and then either my Wife or I catch a glimpse. We also have his Grandmother who passed in what is my office.........I have recorded EVP hymm,or gospel music in this room when I conduct in home sessions, but was unaware of the why until earlier this summer. One of the previous owners children came to visit his old house were he grew up. I posed a question of did anyone pass in this house. He mentioned the drowning of the twin, but also mentioned his Grandmother.......before I mentioned anything, i asked about the Grandmother and he replied that she just loved her church choir music and she sang in a few. I was also told that she was afraid of the dark and that was an explanation why various lamps would turn themselves on...........also the music from the radio would turn on if we were not home,



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