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 Posted: Mar 4th, 2012 12:57 PM
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Hi Everybody!

What a lively, interesting thread I've been missing here (didn't have internet for a couple of days).

Wonderful! Love to do this LIVE some time (any conventions coming up??).

Dan, Yes! I've noticed that as people get close to death (even if they don't always know it at the time)- while having never been sentient before, they begin to see and interact with Spirit...My grandmother saw the face of her long, lost sister (whom she'd never met) repeatedly during the year before her transition! My uncle talked about visitations he'd been having months before dropping from a massive heart attack.

Of course I don't think people like us necessarily 'count,' inviting contact as we do.

Had an eye-opening experience the other night...that day I'd talked to a friend of mine and we both lamented the fact that so many people we know are dealing with varying stages of breast cancer. "What is it?," I asked out loud, "Why are so many people getting breast cancer? Is it something in the water?"

That night, 3 a.m., I woke up to the sound of my husband snoring louder than usual. Intending to settle back into a sleep-state, I closed my eyes- No sooner had I done this I heard my husband say (very loudly), "CELL TOWERS." He never skipped a beat, resumed snoring immediately (Wish I'd been recording!)

Realizing it was an 'answer' I whispered, "Thank you." In the morning I Googled "Cell Towers cause Breast Cancer" and 6,000,000 references came up proclaiming study after study confirming the 'message' as being true.

My husband, Dan, had no idea anything out of the ordinary had happened (but he said he wasn't surprised by the news).

Getting more interesting all the time around here!!