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 Posted: Mar 3rd, 2012 06:59 AM
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Good perception and theory on your part, Dan.  I believe also we are all intuned to the other side as children, for example the good old imaginary friend that a lot of kids have.  I have known of kids reporting things they have seen or heard, and not necessarily being frightened by what they saw, but embracing it as if it was a natural, everyday thing.  I had a friend who's grandson reported seeing his grandpa Rudy, only his feet didn't touch the floor.  Also he told my friend about things there was no way he could have known about it.   Grandpa had died when he was 9 months old, and what was told to my friend had never been discussed.  But the wildest thing this 4 year old had ever reported was, on the day my friends Mother passed away, they were enroute to the mother's home, and as the went onto her street, the grandson, excitedly yelled out, "Look at all the angels over granny's house!"  But as time went on, the grandson didn't speak much about grandpa anymore, and eventually it was never spoken of again.  My friend had told me she was hesitant to push the subject, because as he was getting older, he would talk about certain things at school, which would make the other kids laugh at him.  So it ended.

When you talk to him about it today (he is 17) he hardly remembers any of it, and seems embarrased to talk about it to anyone.  Him and I had a talk, and I said to him that maybe one day it will come back to him, because he had so many questions about the things he didn't remember.  I told him he will know when it happens.  We will just have to wait and see!