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 Posted: Mar 1st, 2012 10:34 PM
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Too cool for school.  Makes you wonder what you've been missing eh??

Since I am not familiar with all the different audio software,  I cannot readily say if your program is capable of filtering a clip this way. 

As an example,  my Nero Wave Editor program allows me to listen to the residual output but does not allow me to apply the filter.

If any of you use the Diamond Cut programs‚ĶDC7.5 or DC8 and want to duplicate this filter process,  send me a PM and I will provide you a link to the full .wav clip and pics of the filtering steps I used.

Take Care,

P.S.  In followup questions the only thing I found out about Jeremy is that he is alive but so far knowledge of his whereabouts has eluded me.

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