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 Posted: Feb 26th, 2012 08:01 PM
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What neat experiences you've had.  I was dusting yesterday and found two more apports (although I don't even know what they are), but one was in the lap of a Buddha statute I have and the other in the oriental calligraphy set that belonged to my daughter.  I dust these things all the time and they never were there before, and I don't know of any relevance because I don't even know what these things are, but I did keep them of course.  Kevin's activities remind me of a EVP I got one night.  My daughter was bedridden and wheelchair bound so I always kept snacks and liquids for her to drink on a table real close to her.  She loved a lot of stuff that was wrapped in cellophane and on the EVP you could hear cellophane being torn or opened.  How cute to have two little boys visiting.  The glass thing had to be scary, but I don't think spirit ever would hurt us, although sometimes something unexpectedly happening can scare the crap out of you at least for a second or so.  I had a friend over today to drop somethings off for me and I gave him a birthday gift, a Guass Meter and K-11, and they were hitting such high spikes.  Got the recorder out to see if we would get an EVP, but haven't uploaded them yet as he just left and decided to read me posts and e-mails first.  I don't think it was my children because the K-11 (although very high) was not responding in the way we have learned to communicate.  Usually they will blink the first two lights for "yes", but tonight it was holding pretty steady with four lights on.  When we asked if it was Jon's mom here because of his birthday, the fifth light came on and the Guass Master spiked in a way I never heard it before.  If I happened to get any EVP tonight, I'll post it.