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 Posted: Feb 26th, 2012 03:07 PM
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Hello Joyce and Hello Linda~~!!!!!

Each instance of apporting gives you a quick shock, but then it we recognize what it is immediately and go back to being accustomed to it!  That's how it is for me, anyways!!

I was able to catch with my recorder a little boy named Kevin who visits my home quite a bit.  Kevin originated from my friends home, but followed me home one day!! The recording I had gotten was so funny and innocent.......I had been sitting in my chair looking at something online, when behind me, on the oak buffet, I hear this crackling sound.

Each year my sister-in-law sends us a goody basket for Christmas, it contains all sorts of snacky type things, crackers........ different types of teas, jellies, wonderful Europeon candies, crackers, just all types of specialty foods.  As I sat there looking at the screen, I hear the crackle sound again.  The basket was still partially covered in cellophane.  I looked over and listened, and at first I thought that there was a rodent of some sort in the basket (we have no mice or critters here!) but it sounded like things were being moved around.  I grabbed my recorder quick, and I started asking "Who is that doing this?  What are you looking for?" Next thing I see is a box of these cheddar cheese cracker straws, which was laying on it's side in the basket, get picked up( not high) and then be placed flat back in the basket!!  I say, "Wow!  That's great!  I have never seen you do this before!  What's your name, who is this going thru my basket?"  I continued to record for a few more minutes, saying how happy I was to see them moving things around, and again asked who it was doing this?  I thanked them and told them I was stopping recording.

I replayed back the recording, and here it was, little Kevin!!  He said he was looking for candy, he was hungry!!  He told me that Rusty was here too.  Rusty is another little guy that like to come around, Kevin and him are friends.  It was so awesome for this to have happened, right before my eyes!!  But I could have kicked myself, right next to my recorder I had my video camera.  Why I didn't think to grab that while this was going on is beyond me!!  I specifically keep my equipment handy by the computer so I can grab it when I need to, and this time I blew it!!  :( At least I got the recording of him telling me he was looking for candy and was hungry!!  Just like a kid, I tell you!!

Another time I had woken up one night and came downstairs to get a glass of milk.  I have those havey Luminarc glasses, that are weighted at the bottom.  I go and pick up the glass from the counter and all of a sudden BOOOOM!!! it sounded like a gun shot! The glas literally had exploded in my hand, glass flew everywhere, it went as far as about 12 feet clear into my dining room!  I had glass everywhere, in my hair, it covered the counters, the floor, the stove!  Some of the glass just pulverized, it was like powder!  It was so loud the noise, I thought for sure my husband had heard it.  Here I am standing there among all the galss, not wanting to move.  The thought came that someone had maybe shot thru my window, I couldn't rationalize it!  I was shaking.  My husband didn't wake up, so I carefully started to clean up.  I took a ziplock bag and took a few of the larger pieces and put it insise to look at later.  It took a long time to clean all that glass up!  I did not squeeze the glass, it wasn't cracked or chipped before I used it, and I hadn't the chance to pour anything into it to make it explode like it did!  The next day I got online and looked up the company Luminarc and got the glass description and contacted the main company which is based in France.  I contacted customer service, asking this had ever happened to any one in the past with this product?  They told me no, that the glass was a temepered type of glass and they couldn't explain how this could have happened.  All I know it was so crazy, how powerful it all was!! The only explanation I could remotely come up with, it had to do with the spirits in my home.

Even though it kind of freaked me out at the time, when I look back it was kind of cool!!