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 Posted: Feb 25th, 2012 10:43 AM
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Hi,you should do see them do alot,I have caught them on my video camra moving my headphones ,they just kept doing it so I got my camra,another time I was holding a key ring trying to use the power of my mind to move them and it moved do not think it was power of my mind but spirit.
Go a evp that said the witch did it.
I been hurt by ghost three times in the last 15 years.Once just a month ago.
Slamed the bathroom door on my finger really hard,its messed up now.I always ask for my things back I am still asking for something they took five years ago.I also saw a dog but it was not fully formed but enought to know it was my dog that passed two years ago,got many evps where they are talking about her are to her i got her on video also partly her back half,some can see her as I do some can`t
Im so sorry for your lost of your daughter but we both know shes near you checking on you caring for you smiling at you huging you.Happy and wishing you all of Gods blessing.

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