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 Posted: Feb 24th, 2012 09:50 PM
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Spirit is everywhere.  I get more apports (things being given to me) rather then things being taken away.  To date, I've actually seen several things move right in front of my eyes.  I walked into my kitchen to get a cup of tea and two skewers I used and put on top of the refrigerator to take downstairs later, went flying across my kitchen and landed on the floor in front of me.  One time I left an empty prescription bottle on the table next to the chair I always sit in to watch TV, to remind me to go to the store to pick up the new prescription.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw some movement to the right and turned to look to see what it was and I saw my bottle move across the table and on to the floor.  Another time a bag of kitty treats slid across my desk and fell behind it while I watched from my recliner.  When my daughter was still here in the physical realm we were both walking toward the living room together and a table  lamp slid off the table and just stayed there.  I ran and was able to catch it before it started to fall to the floor, and one time we both saw a dog coming through our front door and we both started running to protect a little kitten we just got, and then found out there never was a dog there but Robin explained what the dog looked like and it was the same color and size of the one I saw.  I just love all the things that spirit can do.