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 Posted: Feb 24th, 2012 07:38 PM
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Hello Richeyjo,You know when kids are small they think ghost are in the closet.Thats because they are.
I hear them talk about stuff thats in the closets.
They are so nosie.
They always take my stuff now and again most of the time I never get it back,makes me mad.

I bet they heard you talking and got that book in a place where you would see it.They have taked stuff from right in fount of me.
The most surprizing shock was I had rods on my bed putting them on the windows and I turned around to get one and they were gone.Another time I was getting ready to wrap a necklace up for Christmas that was the next day and they took it as I looked the other way a second,After about a hour of trying to get them to bring my moms gift back they did.

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