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 Posted: Feb 24th, 2012 03:45 PM
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This is an interesting story.  I continue to get voices from my speakers but watch this timeline of events:
Day 1 - I made a reply to a YouTube video and someone from Brazil corrected me and said it wasn't about the  Scole Experiments but about a man named Freidrick Jurgensen. (I never heard of Jurgensen before this reply)
Day 2 - Another out-of-state friend sends me an article she thinks I would like about a man named Freidrick Jurgensen.
Day 3 - I get the audio from the speaker of a man's voice.
Day 4 - I get an audio from my speaker of nothing but several chirping birds.  Later
in the day I read the article my friend sent me about Jurgensen.  Now the bird's chirping makes sense because Jurgensen got his first EVP while sitting in his garden recording the chirping of birds.

By now I am possessed trying to get this man's audio translated.  I called 3 university language departments to no avail.  A friend in France was able to find someone who could translate it for me.  This third party knew nothing about me or my interest in EVPs or spirit contact.  Below is what he was able to translate:
Translator:  i translated it a bit:  i have listened to the recording, it's not geman but dutch.
Actual translation from Dutch to English"theories ... ... the first theory alimitische theory, that means that the experimenter fp ....has put the voice himself on tape.
I'll tell you about the history ... but ... the man who made ​all this world is knowledgeable Friedrich Jurgenson, a Swedish scientist"
this is all i got, the rest is looped. its the same 4 times or so.
Does anyone know anything about "alimitische theory"?