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 Posted: Feb 10th, 2012 05:45 PM
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Hello Left Behind,

I can relate to your dilemma, but in all honesty there is no need to go overboard in the $$$$'s to capture an EVP. I recommend an Olympus product over a Sony, for no other reason than that is the product line that works for me. I am partial to the DS 30/ 40 / 50 series. The only difference is the memory.

As stated earlier "noise" in most but not all cases is a positive addition. When I choose to use a noise factor for energy, I prefer #1.....a slight wind or fan type noise. #2.....running water, either faucet or stream if outside. #3....certain electric motors, etc. source.

What works for one is not always the best for others.

A major factor is "intent". It is my experience that "they" know if we are serious in our endeavors or not. Once we open that window we become in a sense a beacon and attempts at communication become more successful with "them".

Regarding Anabela Cardoso's book, It is a good read and it relates her personal experiences and interpretations. Her locality deems the shortwave radio a "must have" piece of equipment. I personally have one myself but do not rely on it other than a last resort means of getting news, but most sw stations of the past no longer direct English newscasts or programs toward North America.

Go with what works for you.........Good Luck !

Noise is not always needed, so don't think it is a required ingredient. Keep it simple in the beginning.

Best Regards,


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