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 Posted: Feb 7th, 2012 07:05 PM
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Left Behind wrote: Why is short wave radio not a good choice?

Don't the spirits need some ongoing energy source - such as the white noise/static between stations - to latch onto? :confused:


Hiya Jim,

Of course Joe is correct when he states:

While shortwave radios don't select receiver frequencies at random, they do receive random noise when tuned between modulated signals.They have much more gain than recorders and the off station noise is much stronger than recorder baseline noise. I believe shortwave receivers are excellent sources for noise that can contain spirit voices.

From my perspective; I approached your initial query from a start-up cost standpoint.

A lot of people do use noise in an effort to assist with any responses.  Whether that noise is generated by a short wave radio, running water, fan, pre-recorded noise file or ????  is largely a matter of personal preference based upon trial and error.

If you go back to Stephan Bion's site,  there are examples of recordings done with various background noise that you can listen to and compare.  The link is here:

Here on this site there are one minute noise files of different  "colors"  that you can download and experiment with.  In fact I was going to add a new file of  Grey Noise  for those who are interested.

The thread is here:

Some people like the apparent benefit that radio sweep seems to offer.  I myself have not used such devices and as a result,  I would defer to Joe's expertise and  youtube videos.