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 Posted: Feb 6th, 2012 09:00 AM
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David M Rountree's book, "Paranormal Technology:  Understanding the Science of Ghost Hunting" is a MUST Read for those interested in Transcommunication.

The author is quite myopic in his beliefs about things like Spiricom and heaps his (in my opinion misguided and uniformed) belief based disdain on the topic.

But, this guy has accomplished a body of research into discovering the nuts and bolts of the underlying factors of nonphysical events.  He uses a huge variety of instruments to measure as many factors as possible that are present during "paranormal events."  For example did you ever suspect the force of gravity to be affected during such events?  Measurements with some of his instrumentation prove the force of gravity is altered.  (See page 79 of his book.)

The reason I recommend this book is that Rountree's testing and measuring points to an underlying "field" that appears to affect every thing else.  In one paranormal event (page 79) he found air temperature and pressure were effected in a very small, well defined area of the room in which the event occurred.  Also effected during this same event:
Ion count both positive  and negative in the  air
Relative humidity
Air conductivity
Magnetic fields
Static electricity voltage in the air
Bursts of ultraviolet light were recorded 
Low Frequency ELF suddenly appearing
Geomagnetic field strength
Bursts of Gamma Radiation
Time shifts
Cold plasma formation
Gravity, slight decrease

Each of these factors were measurable with hardware.  That means that each of these factors with suitable instrumentation and circuitry has the potential to be a means of communication used by nonphysical people.

Food for thought