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 Posted: Feb 6th, 2012 08:13 AM
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I am with arizonaevp, Olympus has some excellent recorders!  I still just love to use my old Olympus analog is still hanging in there after 6 years of steady use!  It's what ever you get used to using and the results you get.  Yes, forget the shortwave business.  And as arizonaevp mentioned, audacity is a free download.


You may just want to check out a few websites and their EVP galleries, to just to listen to the various examples of EVP captures, and some will talk about what equipment they used.  You need to acclimate your ear to the different ways EVP's come across.  I like to use a "ghost box" occasionally as a source of noise for the spirits to help facilitate speech.  But I didn't use a ghost box until I was way into recording and getting the hang of the wole EVP process. 

Good luck!