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 Posted: Jan 10th, 2012 09:30 PM
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Hi folks,

Im really not sure what section to put this in,so i hope its ok here..

I know most people here intentionally try for Evp/Itc results,i am just starting again purposefully trying after a few years off.Ive always been sensitive and even without evps etc ive often experienced a lot of electrical phenomena, so evps were natural for me to delve into.

Ive started again mainly due to a massive increase in both evp and phonecalls from"something/someone", when i was not trying for them.

Id like to know if anyone else is having /has had an increase in random evps etc or other electrical phenomena in the last2-3 months?

Evps im quite used to,the random phonecalls(always from private numbers)are more interesting..its sounds like the ITC channel for crossover talk(used through skype)and lots of random tones and some clearer words..which dont seem to be in english. Ive recieved these on my landline/mobile and also while housesitting for a friend on their landline.

recording phone conversations isnt allowed here, which is frustrating because theres a lot of noise to analyse in them.

any debunking on the phone stuff is most welcome lol, but i guess im curious if anyone else has experienced an increase in activity, even when not trying.

thanks in advance:biggrin:

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