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 Posted: Jan 8th, 2012 07:09 AM
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I heard this one straight away! Energy being has an unusual frequency, he or she stands out.

In the middle of dishing up Hot Fudge Sundaes (NOT WHAT ONE WOULD CALL 'THINK-TANK' CONDITIONS)- someone says, "A universe so open."

I didn't know to what this referred so, naturally, I Googled it...Apparently In terms of Physics Thermodynamics Theory- OPEN (matter flows freely throughout), CLOSED (there are barriers), or ISOLATED (flows freely in some areas) are three systems tentatively associated with the Universe.

This is a segment from the original recording...the EVP occurs toward the end.

Attachment: DW_B0974 (INTACT CLIP) a universe so open (SITE x3).mp3 (Downloaded 354 times)