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 Posted: Dec 18th, 2011 02:17 PM
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Thought this might be interesting to some...

A djinni, djinny, jinni are demonic energy's often formed by peoples negative energy, They stay dormant for a long time until they find a food source, Ive come across many such beings and have found the hardest thing to shift Is the negative energy that gives these demonic demons there strength. Trying to convince a person that Its often there own life that Is causing the problem can be a bit personal and can be taken In a negative way, hence how hard they can be to remove. Often speaking to the individual on a level that the human ear cannot hear.

Often they take over a persons whole personality tricking an individual, It's everyone else's fault but theirs "creating negative energy", which gives It power and control.  In rescue work you do not get involved with a negative being and refuse to engage In conversation but In some cases such as this you may have to draw the energy out and weaken It over a period of time which would depend on the case at hand.

The audible Is a conversation I would have with you for example, Its biggest weakness Is Its own vanity and It can often sound like two children having an argument In the play ground to language I wouldn't put on here. I do have some audible of such a cleansing which I will try and dig out.

I had one dealing with a djinni a few yrs ago which was a test and a turning point for me, It had the ability to look deep In to my deepest fear and try to use It against me, as It happens excepting my biggest fear took all the energy away from It, this demonic energy called Itself Trev and everyone Ive dealt with since calls Itself Trev. We can never truly remove these energy's simply because of the fact there's so much negative energy around the world, they feed slowly but surely and always return yrs after we remove them from this vibration.

Protection Is always needed even when listening to others audible tracks, their are many negative forces out there that are just waiting for a chance to attach to a human light, you can open a door and allow such a being In so please make sure you have protection when ever dealing with audible phenomena.
Blessings to all

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