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 Posted: Dec 8th, 2011 08:26 AM
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I have to agree with you.  I was raised Roman Catholic, and left the church after the death of my Mother.  I never felt any real 'grace' while growing up, and if one questioned the church and it's doctrines, well, you were just asking for trouble!!  It felt too ritualistic at times.  My Mother was very devout, so I guess it came down to my participating and not asking questions was done to please my Mother.  As a child I was convinced that my calling in life was to become a Bride of Christ.  Those who know me now could not fathom this choice!!  Not that I am some evil sort of person, no, far from it.  I just couldn't reconcile the church's teachings and apply them to my life.

So much death and destruction has come from organized religion.  I will take my chances when it comes my time and hope for the best.  There are too many good people of all types of religions and belief systems to say that one way is better than another.  The "My God is better than your God" business has got to go!  Period!!