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 Posted: Nov 24th, 2011 10:42 PM
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clockdryve wrote: Hi Ron,

Just getting ready to shut down for the night...

Have a good "night" or morning :-)

Before I go is an example of a Raudive Diode Recording.

You will need to amplify this some more and then add a little "low pass' filter.
I always have mine set for cutoff frequency 1015 (Audacity settings).

*The story of this capture is that I was at my local a private study room, and was trying to contact this "John's" father that had passed away a month before.
A recording was made while using my DR60 voice recorder. The Diode receiver was connected to a Sony ICD-B300 digital recorder and was running also (it cannot hear my voice).

The Son (John) said that his father was trying to write something down as his last words...but didn't make it in time. So I was looking to see what I could find out.

I heard nothing on the DR60 but the B300 had captured something...

This is a rather RUDE and FALSE speaking voice....

He said "tell John to kill his self".

Not the type of advice you want to be giving a person.

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