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 Posted: Nov 15th, 2011 10:16 AM
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See this link dezenho this a new page in my unit in Brazil, this Linck:

Vedi link si apre una nuova dezenho questo dispositivo sulla mia pagina in Brasile, questo Linck:

Voir cette dezenho lien vers cette page un nouveau dans mon unité au Brésil, ce Linck:


Note 1: This device is intended to facilitate the research of Electronic Voice Phenomenon, to keep conversations in real time, with the spirits of the dead, and was developed in partnership with the spirits group, led by the Spirit Landel de Moura and guided by us, the researcher J Pedroso, broadcaster and inventor of southern Brazil.

annotamentum 1: hic device est audo ad facilitate exquaesiti of electronicus vox Phenomenon, ad adservamus confabulatia/ia in realis time, com daemonion of dead, adque fui developed in communitas com daemonion group, led cata daemonion Landel de Moura adque guided cata us, researcher J Pedroso, broadcaster adque commentator of austrinalis Brazil .

Nota 1: Questo dispositivo è destinato a facilitare la ricerca del fenomeno voce elettronica, per tenere conversazioni in tempo reale, con gli spiriti dei morti, ed è stato sviluppato in partnership con il gruppo di spiriti, guidati dallo Spirito Landel de Moura e guidati da noi, il ricercatore J Pedroso, broadcaster e inventore del sud del Brasile.

Description of Items:
A = magnetic recording head, adapted in place of previously existing in the mechanism of a tape recording device.
B = magnetic head reproduces audio play.
C = Roller pusher, rubber, traction of the tape.
D = Circuit electronic recording, reused from a magnetic tape recorder.
E = Other electronic circuit, for this play, and amplification of signals captured and recorded magnetic tape.
F = final tape recorder, which is writing, recording all the results obtained at the time of the experiment of Electronic Voice Phenomenon, the developed device.
G= is a piece of sponge, which installed inside the cassette tape, is to press lightly tape, against another part. Note that there are two identical, two locais.G1 and G2.
H = A small piece of a magnet, which will serve as an eraser, magnetic records, which are on the tape recorder.
I = small cushioned Press, and contains a small piece of felt, and that usually exists within all magnetic tapes.
J = microphone for capturing and recording audio.
K = radio receiver, for generating the noise between stations, shortwave, basic sounds, background to EVP. L = magnetic tape, with adaptation, cutting and splicing in the form of a circle.
M = Tape MK7.
N = Axis of existing capstan, usually in tape recorders.
O= The electronic circuit, a single regulator speeds, rpm, the drive motor of the tape, for adjustment, fine tuning, the tape speed. * This setting provides, together in this unit as a fine adjustment of time, causing also increase or decrease to the fidelity of sounds, which are being registered and picked up the tape, and also the immediacy of playing , reducing the time of reproduction of recorded responses.
P = Office containing all the mechanics, the whole apparatus.
Q = Amendment made on a piece of tape, contained within the cassette, forming a circle of tape to the tape works so infinitely and continuously.
R = Headphones professional, comprehensive, quality.

Note 2: This unit has its operation, within the principles of Electronic Voice Phenomenon, developing a system similar to Jurgenson, an improvement in the events in the system. It is a development, so that you can, back in real time, even when recording is to be in an EVP experiment, one can already go to reproducing the recordings captured on tape in real time. This device, makes it easier for the experimenter, researcher, does not speak over the voice of the communicating spirit, while it is responding, or talking, because that will be heard in real time everything that is being registered, picked up the tape, since at the time same recordings, providing a better dialogue, and an adjustment of time, differences in the relationship between spatial dimensions of time, through the mechanics and electronics.

Spirit Landel de Moura and Spiritual group, together with the researcher, broadcaster, and inventor Jpedroso, guided us on August 23, 2009

daemonion Landel de Moura adque spiritualis group, juctim com researcher, broadcaster, adque commentator Jpedroso, guided us on August 23, 2009

Spirito Landel de Moura e di gruppo spirituale insieme con il ricercatore, broadcaster, e inventore Jpedroso, ci ha guidato il 23 Agosto 2009