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 Posted: Nov 7th, 2011 02:34 PM
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Hi spark , you say , raudive diode was thought to be a broadband noise source, but , i see , it´s not a source , but is a receiver . It dont produce noise , it receive .  I used it whith a short antenna , (3 inch recomended of copper wire ) and i heard a radio station , I used a coil whith ferrite core . I was asking for the original idea , because , i need to do something to have the correct audio , or ideal audio must be hear . But i only hear a radio station , like a normal radio . The second idea said for sparks , is the idea i tought is posible , so , i thought put a tune capacitor , and try to tune in 300 -350 khz , theory frecuency tuned whith 0.5mh coil   . But if is correct the second idea , the tune frecuency will be only one . What can i do to improve my raudive diode to have the ideal audio ?