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 Posted: Nov 7th, 2011 11:42 AM
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Hi mike , very thanks for your answer , i saw your circuit , this circuit is another raudiveĀ“s diode version , is one of three versions , I am attaching the three versions . But , my question , is by another way , perhaps , the other versions are a little different , but i was thinking in conventional circuit , whith a 0.5mh coil , this circuit is the same like a radio galena whithout selecting capacitor . I experimented whith this , and , i saw this circuit receive any station in any frecuencie if it is near and strong , so , only i can hear is radio stations , i dont know , how people who say that experimented whith this diode , hear other thing . Like i saw this , i thought raudive had two possible ideas , One idea , have a radio circuit sintonized in one specific frecuencie , sintonized by the self-resonance frecuency of coil , (0.5mh) , i make calculations, and this frecuency is into 300khz-350khz . So , perhaps , he wanted this frecuency , so , the result will be hear white noise , like a normal radio not sintonized , only he make this circuit , because , there are no comercial radios whith this frecuency .  The other posibility , i thought , raudive had the idea to make a receiver whith capacity of be a receiver of any frecuency radio wave , if it wave is near and strong , so , the solution in this case , is only use a faraday cage , but , the anthena must be into the faraday cage too , to avoid the radio stations . In this second case , if the diode capture voices , is caused by some wave into the faraday cage , so is imposible a radio station . Aditional to these ideas , one of you have the "breaktrough" raudiveĀ“s book ? if anyone can send me this book , i will be very grateful . The three circuits are from this book .

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