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 Posted: Oct 31st, 2011 05:05 PM
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Keith Clark wrote: Hi Jota,

I embedded the video for you. Where's the captions/subtitles that you mention?




Response friend Keith, translation into Portuguese of Brazil, made by the translator frengly online:

``Oi Jota, eu embutido o vídeo para você. Onde está a legendas ocultas / legendas que você mencionou? Obrigado, ´´ Keith


Friend Keith. Answering the question what makes me, I answered; Below the video screen which says: `` CC '', Keith can give a click on `` CC '', then the drive is to make the subtitles. After trigger `` CC''will be `` CC '' in red, and the captions will appear automatically, like in the movies, and I have English subtitles for my friends understand the United States. Then tell me if he could see the subtitles.  Subtitles for captions, click on a `` CC''.  Sincerely, from southern Brazil Jota pedroso his friend, announcer of radio station.


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