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 Posted: Oct 25th, 2011 08:24 PM
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I think I have the "voice star" recorder also. Is it Lime Green (wide trim) on a Silver (more like a gray) main body...plastic recorder?

I tried to look online and haven't found an image yet. I also purchased it for a "throw away" price...and it uses an external memory card.

Used for phone conversation recordings. Very low quality playback just like the DR60 in fact :-)

I've never used it for EVP work yet but was thinking myself with the "noisy" playback that it should work fine.

It is in a spare laptop case at another location right now...but I did run into it a few months ago while searching for other recorders

NOTE: The one I have is a little more narrow than a pack of cigarettes...but about as tall.
I don't know if I saved the box, or if I can even find the instructions.
But like VCR and TV Remotes...I eventually figure them out (before they figure me out) LOL

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