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 Posted: Oct 25th, 2011 07:25 PM
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Hello All,

                 I am old school, I back up to anything I have,  secondary hard drives, flash drives, zip drives (I know, but zips work ) and to other computers. I even still use floppies for certain things ...

It's a nightmare when something like a file decides it's time to pass over to the other side ! :smile:

I usually have more success in capturing an evp then recapturing a lost file. :wink:

One of the "best recorder finds" that I stumbled across was a Radio Shack / Voice Star.... cellphone call recorder, it even has a SD memory card. It is long gone from stock, but the item # was 17-3470. It set me back $4.95 on closeout. I know if I use this hard to operate item (controls are just confusing) it will compete with my higher end recorders and always surprise me.


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