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 Posted: Oct 22nd, 2011 07:44 AM
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dkenda wrote: Loads of interesting things happen around 3:00 in the morn around our place...can't conceive of any truly feasible way to accomplish record and shut-off.


You could try setting your recorder to  Voice Activated.   This will trigger recording when it picks up a loud enough sound.

Of course if your house is might not record anything.    If you have things that make chiming clocks,  heat / ac system,  then the recorder will turn itself on and pick that up as well.

Other options:

Most audio software will accomplish what you want.   

Goldwave for example has a timer feature.  You would just need to have a microphone plugged into your sound port on the computer and you are good to go.  Check your audio program's documentation to see if it has this feature.

If you need the microphone in another room,  Radio Shack has a 20 foot audio extension cable that you could buy.

Another option....(kind of a hassle)  is to have a cassette tape recorder plugged into a regular electric timer.  The cassette could already have the play button pressed and contain a tape of Pink Noise.....or other noise.

Set your digital recorder to Voice Activated and when the timer kicks the cassette recorder on......the pink noise would trigger the digital recorder to start.....hopefully.

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