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 Posted: Oct 19th, 2011 07:12 AM
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Here is an EVP capture that I didn't notice on playback of the day I recorded.

I was using a DR60 (can hear the slight clicking) and was at a Mausoleum

that was connected to others on each side....I was leaning inward onto a solid Brass

or Copper Gate that was shaped with the very narrowing pointed tips (very blackened and green with age)

I am very surprised that I missed this capture when I listened that night. I must have just thought it was my movement going along with the footsteps at the end...or by my mistake I was in a HURRY. *Not Good*

I have missed these LOUD EVP's only once before...although I HAVE on several occasions found a few extra "very weak" captures on recordings from months before.

Always good to pull out the oldies at times to have another listen :-)

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