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 Posted: Oct 17th, 2011 03:36 PM
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Well I will give my Opinion, but don't use that as a "perfect" solution to purchasing one of these more expensive recorders.

YES...I believe they are much better, and YES...they are going to be noisier as you mentioned of your other Panasonic recorders.
Because they do not have all the filters of the more expensive or later model Digital Recorders.

The Panasonic QR-80 , QR-100 , and QR-200 can be found online mentioned "as good" as the DR60 but that is USUALLY coming from someone trying to sale them on eBay....or their OPINION has become noticeable enough that google will find it and start spreading it around. I have a QR-80 purchased used (very cheap) and the QR-100 (was New) purchased very cheap....and they are in NO comparison.  I would like to find a QR-200 at a decent price to compare...but I'm sure it too will be a DUD.

If I could find another Panasonic RR-DR60 for less than $400 I will get another, now that I have the money in reserve.
The only reason I don't want to be the one to "definitely" tell you to get one is because the EVP Spirits can be fickle at any time...and you may have trouble hearing them through the static or of low audio detection. Myself I was having an 80% success rate with my DR60 for a year and a half....but now I'm not having much luck since my lower back surgery...but to be fair -- I haven't been out as much. But soon to change that. I also use and with "much" positive results the Sony ICD-B7 and ICD-B300 (the B7 more favorite). And I like to use the B300 while connected to a Raudive Receiver also. The last 2 mentioned Digital Recorders can be purchased for around $20 plus shipping on the used market (eBay).

One thing with the DR60 is that it only holds 60 minutes of recordings in a maximum of 99 files...and OCCASIONALLY it will show that it is FULL even after a complete format (delete all recordings). But that can be fixed by taking out ONE battery and then hold down MODE button and HOLD in the wheel....then install the one of two batteries while still HOLDING the other 2 buttons. This will RESET the problem.

I have been backing up my "13" favorites that I have had on the recorder over the last half hour myself....some have been on there for over a year. Is the 2nd time I have done this "backup" and format. That way I am READY for some new "favorites" :-) Actually...I will leave one recording on the unit because it is so loud and contains 6 words. I will upload it here so you can hear it.

Good Luck

NOTE: Not to confuse with my earlier statement...My DR60 is my ALL TIME FAVORITE recorder to use. What I ment with the B7 being my "favorite"...that was by comparison of either the B7 or B300 being the choice of either.

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