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 Posted: Aug 21st, 2011 02:42 PM
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Cryptato wrote: Hi. I have a question for the use of my new tascam dr100 for evp. First I used a Sony ICD-P110 and recorded many fast voices !!! Now that having a Tascam DR100, with best microphones, omnidirectional and unidirectional, but i register few voices, only at start registration and stop registration ( entity have problem with energy with this tascam for recorder ?) and this voice paranormal are strange, are inside a rumor (for example, there is a short file registred with tascam ,with only fast evp voice, at the start of registration with TOC TOC.....). The setting of tascam: mic omni or unidirectional , wav format, 24 bit..... Maybe I should go back to using the Sony that had a frequency range only from 220 - 6800 Hz while the Tascam goes from 20-20000 Hz Maranz How come it is not technically superior recording voices of sony ?
After 450 euro for tascam, I return to my sony ??????


The Tascam (formerly TEAC) is a solid performer that gives you options you probably have not thought of yet. 

However.............if you wish to replicate the ICD-P110,  you could always adjust your settings to record in MP3 at a low bit rate.......say 32 or 64 kbbs.   Next try adjusting your microphone sensitivity.

Then again......Like the others have said.....stick with the higher quality settings and it should all work itself out in the long run.