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 Posted: Aug 20th, 2011 05:36 AM
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Hi. I have a question for the use of my new tascam dr100 for evp. First I used a Sony ICD-P110 and recorded many fast voices !!! Now that having a Tascam DR100, with best microphones, omnidirectional and unidirectional, but i register few voices, only at start registration and stop registration ( entity have problem with energy with this tascam for recorder ?) and this voice paranormal are strange, are inside a rumor (for example, there is a short file registred with tascam ,with only fast evp voice, at the start of registration with TOC TOC.....). The setting of tascam: mic omni or unidirectional , wav format, 24 bit..... Maybe I should go back to using the Sony that had a frequency range only from 220 - 6800 Hz while the Tascam goes from 20-20000 Hz Maranz How come it is not technically superior recording voices of sony ?
After 450 euro for tascam, I return to my sony ??????

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