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 Posted: Jul 15th, 2011 01:13 PM
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I can share my only experience with you regarding illness and spirits. This is not even close to what you are describing but here it goes. I have had many paranormal occurences in the last 3 years since an ex boyfriend broke up with me. I had one dream about his mother, woke up dizzy (she is deceased and I have never met her). I went on to record her on evps numerous times, where she identified herself (as described in my other posts). She is always around me and let her presence known on a daily basis. According to the dream, the medium readings and the evps it is because she likes me a lot and wishes that her son and I get back together. This year on the day of the anniversary of her death, I woke up with a migraine with severe nausea which lasted all day. I am a healthy person and never get sick. This resolved itself the next day. I do not believe that she intended for me to get sick but something about the day and her proximity did something to me or maybe it was a pure coincidence... not sure.