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 Posted: Jul 13th, 2011 08:32 AM
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Hello again~~

I took a listen to this clip, and this is what I heard. I played this on Windows Media Player.  Immediately as the recording starts you hear a male voice say "Lets start by touching" at the 1-2 second mark, you will hear the same male voice say "Stop bothering us", which is being spoken as you are speaking.  You can just hear under your voice this being said.

What comes next is interesting, at the 3-4 second mark, the same male voice says "Step Doo-on", or "Tep Doo-on" (I apologize I do not speak French, my husband can speak some, and he said this is what he hears) again it is being said along while you are speaking.

The method I use to listen to some EVP's is this:  I click on the spot where what sounds like the speaking ends, then I click my way backwards to the beginning where the speaking begins.  I always do it in very small increments.  By doing this it is sometimes easier to understand what is being said.  It does take practice, but it can yield good results.  I do it over and over until the separate words become clear, and then I can figure out the sentence or phrase that was spoken.