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 Posted: Jun 15th, 2011 02:46 PM
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Remember that you cannot put your mind or spirit in a do-dad - press the button and stand back. As much as I do not like to paint this mental picture - think of conjuration. What would a magician or a hardcore spiritualist in this modern age do? They carry the tools of their trade. A bell, candle, crystals, incense - etc. Take them away and strip them of such affectations and they are still just as good as any medium would be, though now they are self doubting and performance will slacken off. Yet that "power" is still there, inherent in themselves with that gift of mediumship. The tools and devices to them are of no to little significance.

Now - place the pile of tools in a room arrange them and set them up and "press play" and what happens? Bet you a dollar against my one last donut that not much will. It's missing the key, vital ingredient of a human will, consciousness and spirit to make it effective.

So, review your mindset. Check, double check and give thought to your equipment, and reserve yourself. Make sure that your equipment "feels right" to you and you spent time with it to make sure that every lead, trace and component is functional. And with a huge, healthy dose of "Here we go, ready or not - hello world!" turn the switch. ;>

You have my respect in that you understand that your mood and emotions play a deep connection in your labors. Under no circumstances do I wish to see or hear someone that is depressed and nothing short of being "Alright, let's make this go!" is attempting this sort of work.

Like = Like

Go in with a foul, down mood or with impaired mental facilities and you may not ever be the same again...

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