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 Posted: May 17th, 2011 08:02 PM
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Keith Clark

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I took the time to look into it, I cannot find any evidence as of yet that indicates he is someone to worry about, other than the twisting and blown up televised baloney. He actually appears to be open to spirit, reincarnation, etc.

I'm still looking for him to say that the world is going to end, that was never said, all he is saying that I've seen so far is that global changes, including disasters, which are being observed and expected throughout the world, are likely to happen soon. There have been many indications of this from many spirit for years.

I see this as an example thus far of the media blowing things out of proportion.

Watch his videos and see for yourself. Speak if you see otherwise.

As to whether he thinks he is the reincarnation of Christ - its irrelevant. Jesus, as well as all ofus on a larger scale are but facets of one single being in the end (and the beginning)



Update: the only 2 concerns that I found are that I cannot find any direct quotations on him about 2012, other than saying that earthly disasters will happen, and various claims onthe web that say he claimed other women were Mary reincarnated also. But no proof, only conversation.

Not really relevant to our forum in my opinion. :)