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 Posted: May 14th, 2011 01:30 AM
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Hi, I re visited the LED Spiricom yesterday as I wanted to try something.


I included a feedback loop.

Basically I set up as before with the main PC running DC Live, took the feed to one of my speakers to a FM transmitter (the kind used for playing your iPod via the car radio)

I then used a small FM radio back at the LED's Laptop, plugged this into the mic socket and balanced the audio with the white noise source it was providing.

The result was interesting but I found it increased distortion a fair bit, also one had to be careful otherwise the feedback built up on its own to a overload.

It was also possible to stop sending the audio source and the LED still carried on just transferring its own output back to itself :-)


My reason for trying this was because of my interesting results with the video ITC loop, I pondered was a feedback loop required for ITC?

Not sure I've answered this and I have a number of tests to carry out yet but the LED Spiricom is far from dead!