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Woman - Video ITC

Sarah Estep: An ITC pioneer
Read her Voices of Eternity
for free, courtesy of AAEVP

Photo by Deborah Preece Man - ITC Fog Experiment
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Read over 100 works related to spirituality online for free at SpiritWritings.com

Photo by Margaret Downey Horse - ITC Water experiment

ITC Bridge salutes those that have given of their energy and time to provide free resources such as websites, forums, and published works to the public! Thank you!
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Person - ITC Spectrograph
Victor Zammit: A lawyer acting as the voice of a generation, a pioneer in his own right. Read
A Lawyer Presents the Case
for the Afterlife
for free!
Definitely a "must read!"

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ITC Fog Experiment
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Friedrich Jürgenson: "The Father of EVP", an ITC pioneer who helped bring EVP to our aware-ness. Read his book Voice Transmissions With The Deceased for free, courtesy of Friedrich Jürgenson Foundation.
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ITC Smoke Experiment
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Watch ITC related videos on the ITC Bridge forum here, gathered in one place for easy access.
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Man - ITC Spectrograph
Read article:
Spirit World: The Ghost In the Machine by Tim Haigh

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Man - ITC Spectrograph
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What Happens When We Die?
Read Chapter 29 of Victor Zammit's A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife



A "sister" website created and managed by a team of individuals. The topics will be varied, covering all aspects of spirituality and creativity.


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The Dead Aren't Dead.

For over 60 years, it has been known that we can communicate with people on the "other side" using electronics. By the "other side" we mean dead, as in people who have "passed on", people who no longer inhabit their physical body here on earth. It began with recorded voices on tape, and has now progressed into the broader area of electronics. Simply put, we can hear the voices of these people in non-physical form and we can also see their images. This area of study is referred to as Instrumental Transcommunication, or I.T.C. for short. This website will refer to these people as "spirit."


This website is dedicated to helping raise public awareness of life after death, Instrumental Transcommunication, and communication with spirit.


Who Says So?

Life after death has been proven, and continues to be proven. It has been established by hundreds of people of repute and distinction over the last century and a half. Want a list with only a small fraction of them? Click here to see who some of these people are. And that is just the beginning. Literally thousands of people work in ITC across the world, and more are becoming aware of it every day. In addition, ITC only comprises a small fraction of the number of people working in areas related to life after death and communication across the veil.

Bottom Line: Why take someone else's word for it? Find out for yourself.


Why Should I Care?

Are you going to die? If so, then it is likely that you will one day find yourself in a position when you will care, for that will be your present situation. Do yourself a favor and investigate this possibility a little further. This website is here to pass on the information to you, the reader. Convincing people is not our number one aim, encouraging people to look into life after death and spirit communication for themselves is what we're about. And if you don't care, why are you here reading this? Here is the information, now what do you choose to do with it? Free your mind and ask for the truth, and you shall find it.


How Do You Know?

I have seen them, and I have heard them - and I am not the only one. By "them" I am referring to people in "spirit". And all of this with electronics, rather than traditional psychic abilities. Every notated image you see here on this website has been obtained by various ITC experimenters, and in these pictures we see people in spirit. Most of these pictures were taken in mediums such as fog, smoke, water, dry ice, televisions, cameras, and computer screens.

There is a difference between "believe" and "know". I don't realize that a hot stove burns because I "believe" it, I "know" it because I have been burnt. Personal experience is more powerful than belief, for no doubt remains. Since 2005, I have sought to find out if there is life after death and have experienced communication with spirit in many ways first-hand. Do I believe in life after death? Absolutely not. I KNOW it to be true, as will you.


How Can I Experience This?

Start by reading up on this subject. Learn about what has already taken place and then, when you are ready, try your first experiments. Visit the websites to the right to brush up on what ITC is all about. Try recording for evp (electronic voice phenonema) and find that you have never been alone.

Visit the ITC Bridge forum, or one of the other forums listed on this website, and share your experiences from your experiments. Visit our stream pages on this website and watch as people on the other side show their images (live, in real-time) as they work towards voice on the ITC Bridge Stream 1 experiment radio.

There is no monopoly on communication with spirit. It is natural and normal, always has been, and always will be. Begin your journey here, and find the answers you seek. Begin your own personal experience today, if you have not already.


Technology To The Rescue

When ITC began, it was most common to record voices on tape recorders. Voices could usually only be heard upon playback. Work was extremely tedious, and required extensive amounts of time. Today, things are a little different. Methods are being used in which we can see spirit images from sound in real-time. Live audio filtering allows some experimenters to hear evp responses in real-time. Video ITC loops and fog can be slowed down so that spirit images can be seen in real-time. More people are becoming interested in and dedicated to "sitting" for direct radio voice. Others are experimenting with real-time voice using online messenging applications.

All in all, things are changing rapidly in the area of ITC. From synthesized voice to allophones, from spectrograph images to ITC water experiments, from optical sound experiments to webcam ITC experiments, technology has helped advance all of these things. There is no doubt that we are closer than ever to understanding that communication with spirit on a large scale is not only possible, but inevitable.


The Internet As A Tool

If it wasn't for the internet, you wouldn't be reading this right now. Without a doubt, it is proving to be a most useful tool for networking and advancing the knowledge of our world today. Not only can we share our experiences with each other, we can also participate in them on the internet- live, as they happen! Envision the future. One day we will all be able to see and talk with spirit live, as if it were television to the other side. Sound crazy? Think again. Who would you want to speak with? What questions would you have? It is not a possibility, but an eventuality.


Truth In The Shadows

Entertainment is winning out over truth. There is an overabundance of evidence supporting the existence of life after death for those who seek it. It can be found in past and present documents or experienced first-hand today. But it is overshadowed in the media. It is watered down and rehashed so much that at the end, all we end up with is the proverbial line "it remains a mystery."

But this is simply not true! It is NOT a mystery, and it is not hard to unbury answers that will bring you to even more evidence that you had imagined would exist. Just turn on your digital recorder and ask questions. On playback see if someone answered you. This is how the majority of people who become interested in ITC begin their work. And if that doesn't interest you or you don't have the success you are anticipating at first, then look into some of the many other ways in which spirit communication takes place.

One of the fundamental problems is that we've grown to like entertainment, and we're paying for it by allowing it to overshadow the truth. The media today is more inclined towards reporting on a possibly haunted house rather than telling us about documented evidence. Why don't we hear about the documented and archived evidence of intelligent communication across the veil? We need to demand better, we need to give attention to those that are serious in their work, we need to become involved ourselves. Truth is the right of all people, and the balance will soon be tipped in favor of truth over entertainment.


The Tip Of The Iceberg

ITC is only one of many ways in which people in spirit is able to communicate with us. One example is physical mediumship, which is still alive and well today, and still serves as one of the best sources of evidence supporting life after death. In physical mediumship circles that are developed, sitters have been able to experience the presence of a spirit communicator by speaking with them, touching them, or even seeing them in low levels of light. And this is not a recent development, it has been thoroughly documented for over 160 years by many people, common and distinguished alike!

ITC Bridge supports the field of physical mediumship and its growth, for it is a "sister" field working towards the same goal - to shatter misconceptions about life after death and to bring truth and knowledge to the public.


Time To Work Together

The day of the people has come, it is now time for us to work together. If you want to contribute, you can - regardless of who you are. Truth does not distinguish between social class, race, creed, or religion - and neither does death. If you want to discover the truth of life after death and come to experience it yourself, you have an obligation to share it - for truth cannot remain hidden. If you have knowledge about something that stands to improve the quality of life of your fellow brothers/sisters, shouldn't you share it? Forget about other people's opinions, stand up for what you know to be true.


Our Stand - Cooperation First, Evidence Second

Here at ITC Bridge, we believe in "Cooperation First, Evidence Second." Individuals have been producing scientific evidence for over 160 years to prove life after death, yet it is still referred to as a mystery by the general populace. The tide is changing, but it has not yet fully turned. In addition to focusing all intent on collecting evidence, perhaps a second approach needs to be considered by the people......

Let's place a higher priority on working together and see what evidence comes from it. What seems forgotten all too often is that this is a team effort, that every effort of every individual here is more than matched by our friends in spirit. Let's find out what can truly happen when we put the good of mankind first and allow our friends and colleagues in spirit to work with that unity of vibration. Let them provide the burden of proof, and let us unite. We provide the cooperation, they will provide the evidence. Combine both of these, and only time will tell how much of the truth we can bring to light. Remember, anything IS possible.

What are you waiting for? Let's Build a Bridge!



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